Life is Not a Race

Life is not a speed contest where everyone begins at a common starting point, races in their defined lane, and wins if they are first to cross the predefined finish line.

Life is more like a group of campers dropped randomly into the mountains with a very old map and a compass that is unreliable. We are told that our time will expire, perhaps without warning, and that we cannot see the goal. Some of the hikers are certain that they know the way and some of those lead other hikers over the cliff. Some hikers travel furiously in hopes of covering more territory, and other hikers pick up every shiny stone to carry with them. Many hikers look back and scorn those who appear to be “behind” even though they don’t know where she started or where she is going. Some cross our path for only a moment, and others help us along for many years. There are days when we think this path will go on forever, and there are days when the mountain seems too steep. There are days when the path is wide and easy. There are sunny summers, and there are brutal winters.

I have learned a few things on this hike we call life. The encouragers and helpers are few and valuable, and we miss them so much when they are gone. Those who move slowly and carefully rarely fall into the ravine. We all leave here about like we arrived. We can’t really see the path very far ahead, although we sometimes think that we can. We cannot see where the others have been, or where they are going, by seeing where they are today.

Take some time, not just a minute, to appreciate where you are, where you have been, and all that you have learned.

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