Life is Different When You Have a Plan

Meet Howard and Harold

The Stories of Howard and Harold


Below are real life examples of what I have witnessed.  Can you guess which of these men had an estate plan and who left it to chance?  I believe you will be able to figure it out.


  1. Howard has been unable to hear for the past 13 months. But no one took him to have the issue checked out. It was apparently easier to presume that nothing could be done.


  1. Harold has also complained that he was having serious difficulty hearing, and the house doctor at the nursing home did nothing. But Harold’s trustee sent him to an audiologist who discovered that Harold had serious impacted ear wax.



  1. Howard owns hearing aids that are quite old, but better than nothing. But no one even remembers the last time that new batteries were installed.


  1. Harold has state of the art hearing aids and a supply of new batteries.



  1. Howard has to lay in bed until someone comes to help him up. He has noticed that this is not a high priority task for the nursing home staff.


  1. Harold’s trustee bought him a motorized adjustable bed and by raising the head of his bed he can get out of bed and start his day when he likes.



  1. When Howard needs to go to an appointment, the nursing home will eventually help him with transportation, usually.


  1. When Harold needs a ride, his trustee sends a van to take him to his appointment.



  1. Howard has his wheel chair rolled out into the sunshine when the nursing staff has time to do it.


  1. Harold is going to Florida from Christmas Eve through New Year’s day, and he is taking a daughter and a granddaughter. His trustee is making the arrangements.



  1. Howard is receiving Medicaid assistance to help pay for his long-term care.


  1. Harold is receiving Medicaid assistance to help pay for his long-term care.



What will your story be? How about your spouse?


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