Joelle and Steven’s Story

Joelle and Steven had been worried about Daniel since the day he was born. Daniel was not like other children. He did not learn to sit up until he was 18 months. He did not utter a single word until he was 3 years old. Now, at the age of 16 Daniel has trouble getting dressed each morning, trouble speaking in full sentences, and may never walk on his own. You see, Daniel suffers from Cerebral Palsy—a debilitating disease affecting both his ability to move and think. Daniel’s medical and therapy bills are extensive.

Daniel means the whole world to Joelle and Steven, and they would do anything in their power to protect him from harm. However, they worry what will happen to Daniel if they are unable to care for him physically, financially, or mentally. Where would Daniel go and who would care for him?

A few years ago, Joelle came to my office and shared her concerns with me. She explained that Daniel required constant care, but that he was progressing. He currently went to an amazing therapy clinic where he was making real progress on walking.  Joelle told me that she wanted Daniel to be able to go to this clinic in the future, but she was afraid that this dream could disappear if something were to happen to their financial situation. Although Steven’s current job appeared secure, he was approaching retirement.

Fortunately for Joelle and Steven, I was able to help them create an estate plan that set aside a sum of money to provide for Daniel. The plan was structured so that this money could only be used for Daniel, no matter what occurred to Joelle and Steven.

Now as Joelle and Steven deal with numerous medical bills and the real possibility of losing Joelle to lung cancer, they are able to feel assured about Daniel’s future. Daniel will be able to remain with his therapy clinic, and there will be top notch care providers to take over Joelle’s responsibilities as she battles the highs and lows of cancer. Joelle and Steven can focus on other pressing issues knowing that the most important person in their lives is safe.

If you are worried about the future your children, for whatever reason, you and your spouse can and should plan for the days when your health and your ability to earn a living will be diminished. Do not save such important decision for the changing and unpredictable future. If you would like personal and careful guidance, and legal work to support you through retirement, give us a call at (405) 733-8686.

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