Tuesday’s Story

Marilyn looked up from her book for a just minute to enjoy the feeling of the sunshine on her face. This was her favorite vacation spot in the whole country. The trees, the water, the sunshine, it all made her feel so happy. And, as if that wasn’t enough, across from her sat her daughter, Sarah, and playing at her feet was her granddaughter, Adeline. Marilyn thought to herself, “This is almost as good as it gets.” If only Jeff was still with her, it would have been completely perfect. One does not recover quickly from losing a husband of 48 years, but time does help, even if it seems to go by very slowly.

“Sarah,” Marilyn said, “Your dad was a good man.” Sarah glanced up from her book, and with a look that was something between appreciation and sadness said, “Yes, he absolutely was.” Marilyn and Sarah both knew that it was because of Jeff’s propensity for planning that they were here on this vacation today.

Let me tell you the back-story. About six years ago, Marilyn and Jeff came to see me to prepare an estate plan. It wasn’t so long ago, but they were still young enough that they were the exception to the typical estate planning client–a few years younger and both still working. Those six years had not been particularly kind to the family. First, Jeff passed from an unexpected heart attack and then Marilyn was in a serious car accident. Now, Marilyn spent most of her time in an assisted living center. Fortunately, Marilyn and Jeff had made the quality of plan that would stretch their dollars for quite a long time. Therefore, although it would have been better with Jeff, today was still pretty good.

You and your spouse can and should plan for retirement and the days when your health and your ability to earn a living will be diminished. My passion is helping middle-class men and women who work for a living prepare for a retirement with dignity. There is a host of attorneys working hard to support and protect the rich, but my office has a different goal. We want to give the same quality of service to you as the multi-millionaires can and do expect. It is fair to acknowledge that excellent legal work is not cheap, but my office brings it within the budget of many more people. If you would like personal and careful guidance, and legal work to support you through retirement, give us a call at (405) 733-8686.

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