Mary’s Story

This story highlights an advantage gained from our irrevocable trust.

This morning Mary woke up in her room at the nursing home, again. She has been here for more than four years, and often the days blur together; eat, watch TV, eat again, take medication, watch TV, and then back to bed. Get up tomorrow and do it all over again. It is enough to numb the mind of the most optimistic of us. But today is different for Mary.
Today Mary’s daughter, son in law, and granddaughter are picking her up for a road trip to Colorado. They have rented a van that has a ramp for Mary’s chair, and they are taking 9 days of vacation together. Mary has been looking forward to this day for almost six months. Just knowing that this vacation was approaching has buoyed Mary’s spirits considerably. She has been eating better; she has been happy to go outside and visit with the staff, and she looks happier than she has looked in a year.
So, what’s remarkable about a road trip with the family? This trip is remarkable because Mary’s daughter didn’t deplete her family savings account to make it happen. This trip is happening on Mary’s trust money, even though Mary has been receiving Medicaid assistance to pay for her nursing care for years.
Frankly, Mary’s daughter could not reasonably pay for this trip by herself, and I doubt that Mary could have enjoyed it if she were not able to make a real contribution to the costs.
Perhaps your children have the financial ability to take you on vacation, and perhaps they will actually be willing to part with that money – but perhaps not. Either way, you will probably be happier if you have the financial ability to contribute. That’s where I come in.


I can help you plan your estate in a way that will protect you from being destitute before you can receive Medicaid assistance. Will you choose a trip to Colorado? Perhaps not, but I am sure there is some way that your family can reduce the monotony and misery of living in a nursing home, and they are more likely to do that if you have set aside the money to make it happen.
Perhaps you are not looking at a nursing home for yourself, but perhaps your mother or father appear to have that in their future. If so, bring them to see us. You can start the learning process with no expense by joining us for a free estate planning workshop. Call 405-733-8686 to reserve a seat.


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