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Your savings and your assets are a part of your power to help others. They are your power to guide, lead, comfort and support those you love and value in your life.  This power should be used with great care, with the most wisdom that you can bring to bear. Don’t allow this power should not be stolen, wasted, nor left to chance.  You have the right and probably the responsibility to plan and direct how your power will be used when you are no longer here to control and use it personally.   I have knowledge and skills to help you fulfill your right to carefully use your financial power. Your Trust and your Will should be carefully crafted with your goals and priorities in mind. Make a plan. Start today.


 Protect Your Privacy

One of the advantages that you can achieve with your Trust-based estate plan is the protection of your personal privacy.  If you desire to put a wall between your private information and the public, we can help.  You may not know, but your address, the price you paid for your home, your home’s current value, the size of your mortgage, and so much more is readily available on the internet, and mostly free.  This information availability is a terrific advantage to stalkers, hackers, identity thieves, and others with similar motives.  We can, if you want to protect your privacy, help put up a defense.  Call today for our assistance in protecting your privacy.


In my opinion, our state legislature has failed to account for the known threats that come from sharing our personal information with the public, but until that changes, you have me.  You might also consider calling your legislator and asking for a change in the law.


 Attorney H. Terrell Monks

Terrell Monks began practicing Law in Oklahoma County the day after he was sworn in as an Attorney, and he has continued in practice for well over 17 years.  As always, you can count on Terrell Monks for reliable legal representation for estate planning, civil litigation, probate, and guardianships.

Memberships and Activities

President Elect, Estate Planning and Probate Section of the Oklahoma Bar Association

Chairman, Licensed Legal Intern Committee Oklahoma Bar Association

Former Mayor, City of Nicoma Park

City Attorney, City of Piedmont

Member, Oklahoma Rules of Professional Conduct Committee

Former Member City Council

Chairman Continuing Legal Education Committee OCBA

Member Oklahoma Bar Association

Member Cleveland County Bar Association

Member Oklahoma County Bar Association

Chair, Legal Intern Committee, Oklahoma Bar Association

Former Chair and Member Kiwanis Club of Nicoma Park

Assistant City Attorney, City of Bethany 1995 – 2016

Our Practice:

Our office works to provide excellent customer service, advice you can depend on, and an honest evaluation of your needs and your likelihood of success, and we treat our clients the way we would want to be treated – with courtesy, professionalism, honesty, and respect.  We expect to answer your calls and emails within a day, and usually much faster. (If we are in trial, this may not be possible)  For a telephone consultation, please contact us at 405-733-8686.

Call our office for excellent probate, estate planning, quiet title, Wills, Trusts, trust administration and associated legal needs.  You are invited to join us at one of our monthly estate planning information meetings. Please call to reserve your seat.

Estate Plans and Prices

Oklahoma Estate PlanningOur estate plan options vary a great deal.  Some are priced as little at $895.00 and others can cost more than fifteen thousand dollars.  If you want or need a serious asset protection plan, we will not push you into anything more or less than that. If you need protection from inheritance taxes, we will talk to you about that, but we will never push you into a plan that is anything other than what you choose for yourself.

You are probably already aware that costs have to be considered over time, and not just the initial outlay.  I will help you understand the long-term costs associated with each of our plans, but the choice is still yours.

Please feel free to join me for one of our estate planning workshops.  Call 405-733-8686 to reserve a seat.


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